Services Network
Our services include:

  • Data science and risk analysis
  • Use cases and value propositions
  • Market validation and alignment
  • Regulatory strategy and expert witness testimony

Examples of recent projects include:

- quantifying multi-value project benefits for an offshore wind mesh transmission grid proposal before the New Jerey Bureau of Public Utilities

- Testifying before the North Carolina Utilities Commission to show that coal plants Duke asserted were reliability must-run, in fact did not always run, suggesting the ancillary services they provided could be served with batteries.

- assisting a onshore wind developer on expanding a wind farm showing no adverse financial impact from transmission constraints;

- advising the US Department of Defense on smart grid resulting in a Phase II award for contractor;

- intervention to regulatory bodies such as FERC on renewable energy economics and demand response leading to expert witness testimony to DC Court of Appeals and US Supreme Court;

- strategies for energy storage use and economics resulting in cost reductions for energy storage.

Further details on projects are here:

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Predictive Learning for Energy Storage

Comment to FERC on Demand Response (NOPR RM10-17)